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Blogging 101 – Day one
Retired Navy air traffic controller; Vietnam Vet.
Used VA benefits to obtain BA in Communications in 1999. Worked as staff writer for several weekly community newspapers.
Community activist for Business, social and learning committees. Appointed to Duval County Council on Elder Affairs.
Dropped out of all activity to help as a caretaker for my 90-year-old mother and part-time for my brother.
I am interested in new ideas for helping elderly people find meaningful lives as they age.
New ideas emerge everyday allowing seniors to enjoy a quality of life well beyond the existing nursing home model.
The owner of a newspaper I worked for is a 93 year-old confined to a nursing home. She was incredibly strong in business and was known as a political mover and shaker in the town. She is a mere shadow of her former self – totally worn down by a system that offers little more than minimum daily services. My observation is residents forced into the nursing home scenario are totally unhappy. I hope to research and make observations about new ideas such as allowing elderly to remain in their homes and keep basic living services within convenient range for easy access. Examples: stores and entertainment within walking distance. Stimulating balance of young and elderly living nearby leaning on each other for moral and practical support. Elderly might provide a friendly ear on occasion; even baby sit once in a while. Youth being youth might keep elderly feeling young. Maybe young one would consider picking up a loaf of bread for an elder person.
Everybody my age (late 60s) has a story about being a caretaker for someone in their family. Their advice is invaluable to those suddenly forced into care-giving, especially those who weren’t expecting it.
I will look for those who have experience and are willing to share on this site.

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